Time to put up or shut up!

From my BFA Thesis, the basis for where I'm coming from on the new project

From my BFA Thesis, the basis for where I’m coming from on the new project

Well, I’m starting that novel that I’ve always threatened to do. For once, the work is all about what I want to create. There are no professors, clients, or partners, but what I want to draw and write.

I’m also working on images specifically for comic con sales. This project will pay homage to my favorite movies and some television shows.

But the big news is the new novel. It’s inspired by my love of architecture, pulp comics, wordless graphic novels, abstract and surrealist art. Even if the work sucks as a novel, it will still fill out a new portfolio. Expect upwards of at least 200 DRAWINGS, lots of photos, collages, and other open formatted ways of telling narratives. Anything goes until it’s completed.

About aaronmcelfish

Artist specializing in cinematic landscapes, printmaking, photography and videography.
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